The Aliens Are Here (album)

The Aliens Are Here

Remember when we used to fantasize about them?

Little green men.  Bulbous eyes and reptile skin

They seemed so far away.  They seemed so harmless, didn't they?

The aliens are here

They've been here all the time

The aliens are here

Watching us

Boogie men:  We saw all the movies about them

Hiding in some dark alleyway or in a galaxy so

... far away.  They seemed so made-up, didn't they?


Call me crazy.  Call me paranoid.

But these are some sophisticated droids.

Say I'm deranged.  Someone call a Dr. Who

... can explain how we can make it through this.

Gold Dust

once you hear about it, you already forgot about it 


40 is the new 30.  30 is the new 20.  Is 20 the new 10?
stay tuned.  news at 11
fast is the new money.  ozone make it sunny
ozone that make it rain.  musta run outta names

once you hear about it, you already forgot about it 

gold dust: cover us.   make it feel so glamorous
big fuss about nothing.  this could get dangerous

dame is the new dude.   H is the new lude (lewd)
sister got it under control.  now where've i heard that before?

once you hear about it, you already forgot about it


in the blink of an eye
is there anything worth holding tight?


Enemy Lines
it started out as a flirtation / i saw you once a moon rotation
in 6 months time it became / a permanent mutation
... and i remember

behind enemy lines / we looked each other dead in the eyes

behind enemy lines / you lied

no power of detection / i was lost in your affection
upon closer inspection / i couldn't see my own reflection
...and i remember



then one day you disappeared
one day i looked up, and you were gone...




My name is Dracula.  And I only wanna drink you up.

You can run, but you can't hide.  You can scream, but they'll never find you.


Look into my eyes.  And loosen your grip on your mind.

I'll take my sweet time.  And soon you will find that your mine.


I can't wait to sink my teeth into ya.  I can't wait to get into you, girl

I can't wait to sink my teeth into ya.


I'm not like the ones you see on tv (Blah Blah!)

I ain't like nothing that you've ever seen.

And when you succumb to my dirty plan.

You'll find yourself in the palm of my hand.

Double Agent

In Londontown a body was found… the victim still breathing
By a dark ravine the suspect was seen hiding or leaving
The motive unclear though it appears he loves a good scandal
But his desire to live on the wire - is it more than he can handle?

How long can this go on?
How far is too far gone?
How long can this go on?

One careless one day a red herring lain, but the clues were left in view
Shadow grey fingerprints stain - as 1 and 1 make 2
Fragments of foul play out on display, arousing  suspicion
Soon the accused become the abused - call the mortician!


Double Agent
Double Agent


Riding in planes... Forgetting that it's strange

Riding in planes... Hunched over magazines

Riding in planes... Now you're someone going somewhere

Riding in planes... Takes money

Planes... A different place to think

While in the plane... Sir, would you like something to drink?

Writing your name... Remembering all things I've done

And when we land... Let's start again


Does this mean we can fly?

Does it mean we can soar?

Does it mean anything at all?


Riding in planes... Pretending there's not someone

Inches away... Hunched over magazines

Biting her nails... But she's someone going somewhere

Riding in planes... And when we land... If we land...


Does this mean we can fly?

Does it mean we can soar?

Does it mean anything at all?

The Future

tonight, i'm gonna start a fight
tonight, i'm gonna see if i'm alive
i'm gonna get dirty tonight, maybe i'll lose a fight

tonight, i'm gonna walk up to you
tonight, i'm gonna tell the truth
if its the last thing i ever do, i'll make the first move

but all our plans laid so carefully
they sink in the sand, don't they... eventually?

why does it take so long for the future to come?  x2
how come it takes so long?

tonight, i put it all on the line
tonight tonight tonight, i leave it all behind
i'm gonna walk away from it all into another life

cuz tomorrow, that's the biggest lie
tomorrow, is just a phony alibi
the future's just a waste of time cuz it never arrives

so all the oceans wait so patiently
they'll swallow us all won't they... eventually?


it's harder to stand than it is to run
now it's all in the past.  did you have any fun?


@mphibian (album)

Clone Me

we love to play with fire... play upon the fear
somebody switched the wires.   now what do we have here?
hollow replication... a flesh & bone machine
do you feel emotion, or are you soylent green?

clone me / clone me 

you look so real, i can hardly tell
you look so real.  save us from ourselves

where does the power reside?  to play the role, it's a sin
but without the memory, just an automaton covered in skin
I'd sell my stems to meet you... listen to your dreams
i'd really like to trust you; how i love those sci-fi movies


she's pickin a fight just to say she was right
he's a mountain of a man, but he's the sensitive type
you keep telling yourself that you're so different
i know i know i know, that's not what you meant

is there another way to tell?
we'll find one when we've got some time to kill

whether you do or you don't care
they're gonna judge you by your hair
& even if you say that you don't mind, it's alright
cuz they've already made up theirs

we love sticking our noses in others affairs
spend all our money to prove that we care
we keep telling ourselves that we're so different
i know i know i know, it's just what we meant
is there another way to tell?
we'll find one when we've got some time to kill


close your eyes
they've been lying to you
close your eyes
& tell me the truth


Only The Brave

lonely you staring out your window
watching the grand parade go by
you think you missed your train, destined to remain
a prisoner inside your mind

all safe and sound
deep in your cave
you don't need anyone
but who dares to love?
only the brave
this one could be the one

nobody wants their poor heart broken
nobody wants to feel that pain
but you and i both know, you don't want to be alone
you'll never win if you don't play the game 


if you knew then, what you don't know now
you wouldn't be so hard to find
if you knew when, but you don't know how
it's never too late
it's never too late to blow your mind

so cavalier in your isolation
waiting for someone to happen to you
it can be so wonderful when you're vulnerable
surrender and let that someone through




You're so perfect.  You never ever make mistakes

You always say the right words.  But do you give more than you take?

You're my favourite person.

So how come I can't stand to be around you?

You're so convincing.  There at the scene of your own crime.

And as you turn to walk away, I see your face drop on a dime.


See the star-struck masses love you through carnival glasses

Keep a good safe distance.  These are your closest friends.

Long Gone

had a question
burning in my mind
made it so i couldn't sleep
only to find...

ah oh... life don't wait around
ah oh... for you to figure out

i was long long gone
i was long gone
tell me what would i do if i didn't have you
if i didn't have you

had to struggle
to keep my sanity
strangled by my own desire
but nothing's ever what it seems

ah oh... life don't wait around
ah oh... for you to figure out


Subliminal Criminals

i've been watchin you / closely
it's eating away at you / but you don't know what it is
all your absolutes / unraveling in you
the first and only clue / we're coming after you 

all those little lies you tell
turn you into someone else
living separate lives in cheap motels

nobody's innocent  x3
no one!

i've been stalking you / do you know me?

I'm making a shrine of you / a telepathic killer

all your absolutes / unraveling in you

your first and only clue / we're coming after you 



we are the criminals

I Was Wrong

Here I stand.  Nothing In my hands.

I'm just a man.   Trying to find my way


I can see the pain...  Fallen look on your face

And I'm so ashamed.  Lord give me grace

I thought I knew everything.

I thought I just had to win.

I thought I could make it on my own.


I was wrong.

Some days are cold.  Some days are all aflame

But these days have been such torture.  I need to be saved.

So here we are... on the edge of near and far

And love and war... just 3 words away


I thought I knew everything.

I thought I just had to win.

I thought that I was in control.

I was wrong.



Reflecting colours of another you

The more I look, I find, the less I knew

I can't seem to reach the bottom of this girl

Though I do believe that I was made to dive into her

and when she washes over me

I surrender, totally

She's an ocean  x2

I'm drowning.  Don't save me.

Over my whole world, crashing waves

The more I resist, I find, the more I pay

So subtly she let's me know when I'm not right

sometimes it's hard to get it through my head: outsmart the fight

and when she washes over me

I surrender, totally

She's an ocean...




Tie Me Up

I'm sittin here practically bored to tears

You're over there in my shirt and your underwear

If you could read my mind, you might run from the scene

I got dirty plan, a clever scene

I'm gonna push and shove

I'm gonna huff and puff

I'm gonna set it up

I been bad, I might do it again

I think you better teach me a lesson

We both get what we want in the end

I think you better tie me up

So I said what made you red

Cuz when you blow, you let your passion flow

You told me no more games, but isn't that the name?

If it all as plain as day, wouldn't that be dull?


O Sweet Love of Mine

For years, I roamed alone at sea

And longed for a maiden to share my life

And though your face I could not see

The moon bade me hope that you'd one day arrive


When you did, I asked for your hand

For you were the one I'd been dreaming of

The moon did smile for you agreed

That evermore you'd be my love


Now I'm not a perfect man

Though I do the best that I can

For you my arms open wide

You saved my life

O Sweet love of mine


On days you've gone to tend the stable

I sit and wait impatiently

A brandy sitting on the table

Be my only company


I raise another to my lips

Drowning in helpless melancholy

For I cannot but bare the weight

Until my love comes a-calling


Now I'm not a perfect man

Though I do the best that I can

WIth you I have nothing to hide

You saved my life

O Sweet love of mine


In the silent hours of night

I watch you sleeping peacefully

Tenderly I kiss your brow

And whisper promises I will keep

My heart is aching with contrition

For having treated thine heart unkind

Blinded was I in self ambition

Now I see with open eyes


That I'm not a perfect man

Though I do the best that I can

And you can see right through my pride

You saved my life

O Sweet love of mine

You've saved my life

O sweet love of my

You've saved my life

O sweet love of mine

The End Is The Beginning (album)

Frozen Bodies

frozen bodies never see the sun
frozen bodies never have any fun
frozen bodies never get close to anyone

frozen bodies never get past 1
frozen bodies better get up and run
frozen bodies and your chances are next to none
cuz frozen bodies never get anything done

don't you wanna come alive?
wake up on the other side
life can be so nice
don't you wanna break it open wide?

frozen bodies never crack a smile
cuz frozen bodies aint got no style
frozen bodies with their fingers frozen on the dial

frozen minds left to wander
into dangerous parts of town
frozen people decomposing above the ground
and everybody's gonna see when it goes down


no one's gonna show you how to swim
you just have to hold your nose and stumble in
it's a cold one if you don't keep movin
it's not you kid.  it's just the way it is

frozen bodies with their reasons why
posing on a pretty pack of lies
chosen ones always leavin 'em so far behind

frozen bodies never see their sons
frozen bodies better get up and run
frozen bodies and your chances are next to none

cuz frozen bodies never get anything done!


Karmas In Debt
when i lied to you, you could tell.  i was the only one who believed it 
when i made my move.  into hell.  you were the smart one to let me leave 

i can't forget.   all the things we did, everything we said 
i can't get you out of my head 
karmas in debt  x3

when i lie alone in my cell, memories rage inside 
and when the oceans flood the city bare, i'll be yours until the end 





Beautiful Girl

all alone at the picture show,
tears fall from my face
on the road to nowhere,
always somehow out of place

i don't want to go on
i don't want to see another day ... this way

beautiful girl you know
we were meant to be
beautiful girl you are
all i want to see

losing you made such a mess of me,
drowning in a black sea
i stare at the sun til i go blind
til i lose my mind

i don't want to go on
i don't want to live another day ... this way


running to the edge of the world
i'll catch you, beautiful girl
and put my arms around you
only you




Little Black Heart

i can't believe how things turned out to be 
it seems like yesterday it was you &  me 
time is all we need to find each other in ourselves 
cuz even when i drink too much i don't want no one else 

so go / on your own / lock yourself behind the door 
like a stone / how you cope /&  i'll still be holding your.... 

little black heart / little black heart run away 
little black heart / little black heart it's okay 
little black heart..........maybe someday 

they say once you turn black that you never come back 
it's been a year since your little black heart attack 
you tore the pictures down &  left them in our room 
i looked at every one &  made my peace with you 

so go / on your own / lock yourself behind the door 
like a stone / how you cope / and you'll still be stuck with your... 

Kabuki Scene

you can see them sauntering the red light streets
you can feel the waiting... in the air
you can slither into anonymous seats
an advantageous place to stare

you won't believe your eyes / when you see what's inside
kabuki scene
right there in black and white / pornographic disguise

a man is a woman is a man in a dream
and you may question where you stand
you can contemplate the lines and wonder
what it is that lies behind... the fluttering fan

you won't believe your eyes / when you see what's inside
kabuki scene
right there in black and white / monzaemon suicide

take in the scene
of the seen and unseen
shinju mono super scream
plastic ono fantasy 




i went out today to look for my name on the marquee

but i didn't see my name, no lights in the frame of the marquee


who's to say if we'll see another day

who's to say if it's worth it before you pay

no one knows where the wind blows

no one knows no one


i'm chasing the dame, as she laughs in my face under the marquee

cuz i don't know my name if you don't say my name- i'm no one




i stayed in today, all work and no play for the marquee

but i'll make it one day in tombstone grey -- at last on the marquee

Natasha, You're So Clever

like a hunter  waiting patiently 
unsuspecting,  looks like you found me 
calculation.  cold analysis ,
i was a bird on a wire  and you never miss (you never miss) 

natasha you're so clever  your changing faces 
natasha you're so clever  in your divine disguise 
natasha you're so clever  but you'll never get that close to me again 

like a serpent  whispers silky lies 
obscene pictures  bleeding into the mind 
manipulation.  felt your hooks in me 
i was a bird on a wire til you buried me (you buried me) 


Pins and Needles (album)


All my life it's been too familiar a scene

I'm writhing to see beyond what's right in front of me

Another de ja vu

Abandoned rendezvous

Is it just dumb luck that you feel the same way that I do?

I don't want no sympathy

I just want some company tonight

I try, I try - but nothing seems to change

I try, I try

I wonder as I lie suspended in my cocoon

What's it gonna be like when I finally break through?

I'm ready to fly

The Invisible Man

it's a mystery /  where this man could be
when things get rough around here / this man always disappears

have you seen the invisible man?   x3

it's a see-through masquerade /  with un-seen-through plans he's made
words are so full of power / but actions speak much louder!

have you seen the invisible man?
it's obscene how he just up and ran
has anyone seen the invisible man?




Leather interior.   So fresh and so clean.

You're looking all mysterious.  It's time to shoot your big scene.

I'm dippin slow... into the coffee and cream

Baby stay down low, unless you wanna be seen.

Don't you tell nobody

Snapshots in the backseat of my Caddy x2

Backshots in the backeat of a Cadillac

Snapshots in the backseat

All the paparazzi want some publicity

But we'll keep it on the downlow baby, no messin with the magazines

Still, you're my sugar sweet thing.  The red  carpet unfolds

And you arrive in style.  Even though I wrinkled your clothes

Don't you tell nobody

I won't tell nobody






I see it clear.   I know where you’ve been

But lovin and leavin’s not always a sin

Just don’t say you’re sorry… before you begin


Look in the mirror at who you’ve become

Won’t you have mercy  on the reflection

Lost and innocent… just a young girl


And I know you think something’s wrong with you

And I know you think  no one understands


I see in your eyes, heartache within

You’re beat down and broken, and you need a friend

But let yourself laugh… at the movie you’re in


Show me the place  No one’s ever been

Remember the feeling:  the sun on your skin

Sometimes a moment  can change everything


And I know you think something’s wrong with you

And I know you think  no one understands

But it’s just a phase girl, this too will pass , but ever so slowly

When you’re lookin at the Hourglass

oh baby                      

It’s gonna be alright

You in that Dress

It's cold outside.  Bracing, one might say.

But you make it feel like it's the middle of May


I don't stand a chance with you in that dress


Circle in the sand.  And you're standing inside.

And the look you give me could hurt a man's pride


I don't stand a chance with you in that dress


I'll stick around for a while.  And pretend like I've got somewhere to be.

For just a momentary monumental peek undeneath.


I don't stand a chance gettin next to you

Under the circumstances, I don't expect to you


I don't stand a chance with you in that dress


Rred Llights

before we knew what it means to be human
we knew what it means to be alive
before we knew how to beat you to the punch
we knew how to take our time

1,000 obstacles always in our site
poison popsicles that we yearn to bite
greedy tentacles closing in & around
frozen ventricles while we wait it out

red lights  x4

don't look so surprised

Wrap Yourself

on the kitchen floor / next to the fridgidaire
they can see / but we don't care
no we don't even care

fold your pretty feet / right behind my knees
lips to my ear / sayin faster please
she wants it faster

wrap yourself around... me

on the beach @ dawn / on the neighbor's lawn
a mile in the air / while flight attendants stare
pull the fire alarm  / it's awfully hot in herre
stop the elevator / let 'em take the stairs
from paris to japan / international player
i'll say it again - from paris to japan

wrap yourself around... me

it's exhibitional
it's uncontrollable


In a little black booth in little red bar with a yellow name

The Renior upon the wall dignified their shame

She's asked him his name

Why'd you have to be so irresistible?

You know you're gonna get me into trouble

Til I met you everything was fine.

Got me all messed up inside, I don't know what to do.

In a voice so low, he had to lean.  She was offering a taste.

He looked around and back again...Billfold left in haste

That's where he lost the game


And now it's never gonna be 

The way that it used to be

Kiss it goodbye


hey you - gimme $
hey you - gimme cash
hey you - gimme $
hey you - & make it fast

make me famous / make me rich
all i'm askin is you to be my bitch 
give me a mansion & then some brand new clothes
gimme some $ & watch it go up my nose
gimme a guitar / i'll rock the show
cuz i'm a star, twinkle twinkle mo fo



give me a million dollars / give me ten million more
i swear i'll work hard, i'll be your musical whore
i'll be a real good person. you can hang out with the band
& i'll never forget you til that $'s in my hand

what you gonna do with it
once you get your hands on it?


gimme some moolah / gimme some bread
gimme some rubles / gimme some yen
gimme a c note / gimme a grand
don't gimme no bull shit / just put it in my hand
gimme some scratch / gimme some cream
gimme some bones / gimme some green
gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme!


In your mind, another fix

In your room, a bag of tricks

In your ear, an allegation

In your plans, a fabrication

In your nights, your principles decay

And your days, you sleep away

Why can't we just jump in a cab

Drop everything and just go somewhere


In your window, a lonely cold

On your reason, a strangehold

From your mountain, a slow erosion

In your sea, fitful emotion

Why can't we just jump in a cab

Drop everything and just go somewhere

Somewhere.... Maybe Iceland


In your past, your hand was dealt

And so now, avenge yourself

In your veins, amphetamine

Is your future a tragic scene?

(Her) She's got it!

she walked in with shoes and diamond earrings
chandeliers were falling from the ceiling 
all these words just don't explain the feeling

she'll make you rob a bank with a rolling pin
give it all to her and turn yourself in 
don't look back, it's better if you don't know

she's got it!
she's got the woo woo!  (you know she's really got it) 

1 + 1 = 2 'cept on the weekends 
never know just when she'll make a new friend 
pok'er, twist'er, lots of hide and seekin 
it's all fun and games until she burns you 
casting spells with dolls made out of voodoo 
you never ever never ever never ever 
never never ever ever know what she'll do 

she's positively mint! 

Piece o' Cake

everybody is alone 
everybody is afraid 
everybody is lazy 
everybody wants to get laid 
everybody is selfish 
everybody is a fool 
everybody is brilliant 
but everybody plays it cool 
do do do do / we play it cool 
everybody's beautiful 
everybody's so ugly 
everybody is a star 
everybody's nothing 
everybody's a liar  (believe me) 
and everybody knows! 
everybody hates to admit it but they know 
everybody has to go 
do do do do / we got to go 
do do do do / but where do we go? 
then one saturday 
one what-does-it-matter day 
say it's a piece of cake / snap our fingers and we got it made 
in the shade
everybody is asleep 
everybody loves to sleep 
everybody's full of it 
everybody thinks they're deep 
everybody's somebody else 
everybody has a higher self 
everybody's on their way 
& everybody has their day 
do do do do / today's your day! 
do do do do / & what better day?

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