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Melody Maker, "Oceanography" single review Link

Indie Pulse, "Oceanography" single review Link

Pop Icon Magazine, "Oceanography" single review Link

Top Buzz, "Oceanography" single review Link

The Hollywood Digest, "Oceanography" single review Link

Camden Monthly (London), "I Guess I'm Changin'" single review Link

Redcarpet Living, "I Guess I'm Changin'" single review Link

Bandcamp Diaries, "I Guess I'm Changin'" single review Link

Scope Magazine, "I Guess I'm Changin'" single review Link

Warlock Asylum "I Guess I'm Changin'" single review Link

Un-Block the Music, Blog Interview Link

Authority Magazine, Interview Link

Vents Magazine, Interview Link

Skope Magazine, "Be Your Own Surgeon" video feature Link

Broadway World: "Stingray" Link

107.7 The Bone, Video Release: "Double Agent" Link

Toured Europe Link

iHeart - Chasta (107.7 The Bone deejay) Interview Link

A&R Factory, Video Release: "The Aliens are Here" Link

One million views on YouTube "Clone Me" Link

East Bay Express, Album Review: "The End is the Beginning" Link

BitTorrent, Single Release: "Little Black Heart" Link

Patch, Artist Feature Link

Castro Street Fair, San Francisco (pages 16-17, 24-25) Link

Two million views on YouTube "Long Gone" Link

Dr Fink (Prince) - keyboard feature in live show "Dracula" Link

Album Release: "Live In Germany" Link

Rockwired Album Review: "Amphibian" Link

Gary St Clair (All 4 One) - production, piano credit on "Long Gone" Link

Bad Girl's Club Episode 216 "Piece O' Cake" Link

Bad Girl's Club Episode 214 "Cocoon" Link

Owl Magazine, Album Review: "Dracula (single)" Link

Dr Fink (Prince) - piano credit on "Dracula (single)" Link

Bryan "Brain" Mantia (Guns N Roses, Primus) - drum credit "Dracula (single)" Link

Owl Magazine, Album Review: "Pins and Needles" Link

SFGate, Bandwidth Artist Feature Link

Festival des Musiques d'ici et d'ailleurs in Chalons en Champagne, Normandy, France on Link

Halfmoon Bay Review, Artist Feature Link

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